Emergency Health Services

10 Ocak 2022


Acil Sağlık Hizmetleri

Eye Emergencies; situations that require medical intervention within the first 24 hours following the occurrence of sudden illness, accident, injury and similar situations, and situations where it is accepted that there will be a risk of loss of life and/or health integrity in case of immediate medical intervention or in case of transfer to another health institution.



In such situations, the medical services offered are regarded as emergency medical care.

Eye Emergencies in Ophthalmology (Eye Diseases):

Göze birşey kaçması

Foreign Object in the Eye

Göze acil müdahale

Contact with chemical substance

Göz kapağı yaralanma

Eyelid Incisions

Ani görme kaybı

Sudden Loss of Vision

Göz Tansiyonu (Glokom)

Eye Blood Pressure (Glaucoma Crisis)

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