For 38 years with the same enthusiasm and commitment...

3 Ocak 2022

For 38 years with the same enthusiasm and commitment…

For a bright future...

With our public awareness projects organized in Turkey and abroad, we as the Eye Foundation family continue to uphold our corporate mission, which we have developed to protect eye health and prevent blindness since its founding. We offer health services that are of the highest caliber, are based on moral principles, and are focused on people and their health.

We are certain that all of our patients will continue to benefit from the same high level of service that we have provided in the past and in the present.

Our foundation's goal is to advance both science and human health as a follower of constantly evolving science and technology.

We will exert all of our efforts in a creative, moral, and correct service manner as an institution with a voice in the preservation of eye health in Turkey.

Doç. Dr.  Barış YENİAD


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