Foundation and History

2 Ocak 2022

With the help of our charitable volunteer friends, our Foundation was established in 1984 with the opening of Bayrampaşa Eye Hospital, adopting the motto eye health "For a Bright Life".
Our Goals
  • Early diagnosis
  • Detection of lazy eye and visual defects in children
  • Correct and effective treatment
  • To fight against blindness that occurs after an event


Since 1984, we have maintained our reputation as a pioneering institution with early diagnosis and treatment methods to safeguard eye health and avert blindness in the future. We also continue to offer medical services using cutting-edge medical technology.

“Aydınlık Bir Yaşam İçin” For years, we have maintained the awareness that we have created with the eye health slogan "For a Bright Life." We provide high-quality eye care services based on ethical values, human and human health. We support social responsibility projects and contribute to society by raising sensitivity awareness through the foundation's service understanding. We continue to follow modern medical studies and host educational and scientific developments

In addition to Bayrampaşa Eye Hospital, Istanbul Idealtepe Eye Center established in 1997 and Bursa Yıldırım Eye Center established in 2001 are also under the umbrella of the Eye Foundation. With a total of 30 ophthalmologists and more than 100 health personnel, we provide international standard eye health services in these three centers. Every year, we conduct 125,000 examinations, 6,500 surgeries, and 29,000 examinations and intervention operations.


Bayrampaşa Göz Hastanesi: was founded in 1984

Bayrampaşa Göz Hastanesi: With its corporate culture, mission, and advanced technological infrastructure, Bayrampaşa Eye Hospital provides eye health services at international standards, as well as health professionals who are open to continuous improvement in their fields.


İdealtepe Göz Merkezi:This facility joined the Göz Vakfı family in 1997.

İdealtepe Göz Merkezicontinues to provide eye health services with applied medical experience, knowledge, and trust.


Bursa Yıldırım Göz Merkezi: This facility has been opened in 2001

Bursa Yıldırım Göz Merkezi, with its location, Darüşşifa, the Ottoman Empire's first hospital, and its historical architecture continue to heal our eye patients.

It was divided into units such as Cataract, Refractive Surgery, Retina, Glaucoma, Oculoplastic Surgery, Strabismus and Pediatric Eye Health, Cornea" with an academic mindset for early diagnosis and correct treatment.

Our Board of Directors, Supervisory Board, and Advisory Board, which are chosen from among our current 127 trustees every two years, continue to serve as the Foundation.

  • Chairman: Av. Fuat TOPDEMİR
  • Vice-chairman: Av. Mehmet ÖZHABEŞ
  • Coordinator of the Facilities: Engin GÜRPINAR
  • Bookkeeper: Eray HANTAL
  • Main Member (Public Relations): Aysen KİPER
  • Main Member: Mim. Mesut AVCI
  • Main Member: Latife BAŞTUĞ
  • Main Member: Dr. Ercan SAĞLAM
  • H. Sunday BİLGİN
  • M. Ferit Ekinci
  • Lizet LOYA
  • Chairman: Hasan Büke URAS
  • Main Member: Hüseyin KAYA
  • Main Member: Av. Adem GÜREŞÇİ
  • Selma OLGUNSU
  • Belgin KADER
  • Chairman: Av. Osman DEVECİ
  • Vice-chairman: Dr. Necati YILMAZ
  • Secretary: Ahmet D. OTMAR
  • Main Member: Diclenur ASLAN
  • Main Member: Hilmi DEVELİ
  • Main Member: Seval ERMİŞ
  • Hüseyin GEDİK
  • Sara El YAZAR
  • Ahmet Refhan AYDIN
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