Cookie Policy

31 Ocak 2022

Cookie Policy

Cookies are small data files that are placed on your computer by the web server via your browser. The site recognizes you through cookies when a connection is established between your browser and the server. The goal of using cookies is to make the user's visit to the website more convenient. Cookies are classified into four types based on their intended use: Session cookies, performance cookies, functional cookies, advertising cookies, and third-party cookies are all types of cookies.

On their websites, the Eye Foundation and its affiliates use session cookies and performance cookies. Session cookies are temporary cookies that remain in the user's browser until the user exits the Eye Foundation website. Persistent cookies are those that remain in the user's browser until the user deletes them. The lifetime of cookies varies depending on the user's browser settings.

Types and Function of Cookies

Session Cookies: Session cookies are required for the Eye Foundation website to function properly. These cookies allow you to visit the website and use its features. Session cookies are used to transfer information between website pages and eliminate the need to re-enter information.

Performance Cookies: These cookies collect information about the frequency with which pages are visited, relevant error messages, if any, time spent on the pages, and how the user interacts with the website. It is ensured that the website's performance is improved by using this information.

Functional Cookies: These cookies remember the user's choices on the site, making it easier for the user. These cookies enable advanced web features for users.

Advertising and Third-Party Cookies: These cookies use cookies from third-party suppliers to enable the use of certain website functions.

In general, internet browsers are set to accept cookies automatically. Browsers can be configured to either block cookies or notify the user when cookies are sent to the device.

Because cookie management varies by browser, you can find more information in the browser's help menu.

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