Femtolasik - What is Knifeless Lasik?

7 Ocak 2022

Femtolasik - What is Knifeless Lasik?

The creation of a flap from the upper portion of the cornea is the most crucial step in the Lasik procedure. In recent years, flap creation has been accomplished using femtosecond laser technology. The depth, width, and shape of an incision in the tissue can all be customized using a femtosecond laser. The fastest and safest technology created for this use is the FS 200 femtosecond laser.


Advantages Femtolasic (Lasik Without Blade)

  • - Complications that could be seen in previously employed microkeratome systems have almost completely disappeared as a result of this device.
  • - Special flaps for the individual's refractive error can be made using the femtosecond laser.
  • - Results are better, particularly for treating astigmatism and hyperopia.
  • - Femtosecond laser flaps better preserve the cornea's biomechanics.
  • - Since Lasik can lift flaps of the desired thickness, it can be used particularly on patients whose corneal thickness is within the limit values.
  • - After laser treatment, less aberration (light deviation) forms because the flap interface is smoother.
  • - In femtosecond flaps, there is a lower chance of developing dry eye, which is more common in elderly patients.
  • - Using femtosecond laser systems, corneal implants, keratoplasty (corneal transplant), and astigmatic keratotomy procedures can also be carried out in addition to creating flaps.

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