Medikal Turizm

24 Ocak 2022


Millions of people travel abroad each year to seek treatment for their medical issues as well as to be diagnosed, treated, and operated on.

The reasons people travel abroad are to receive high-quality services at reasonable costs, connect with successful and experienced doctors, and receive medical care at reasonable costs in hospitals equipped with cutting-edge technology.

To better serve our patients at home and abroad, we also conduct research in the area of medical tourism.

Medikal Turizm

As part of the Ministry of Health's Quality Standards in Health, we have been providing our patients with services at our reference hospital since 1984 while it has been active in the eye field. We will keep stepping up our efforts in the area of medical tourism as a hospital providing patients with our skilled physicians and cutting-edge equipment.

To learn more about the services we offer in the area of medical tourism, please get in touch with us.

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