Mission/Vision Statement and Quality Policy

3 Ocak 2022


Being an organization that educates the public, and offers early diagnosis, appropriate, and efficient treatment in order to safeguard eye health and prevent blindness.



In order to fulfill our mission, which is to deliver the best medical care using cutting-edge treatment techniques to our patients from Turkey and other countries.


Quality Policy

Göz Vakfı Hospital and Medical Centers offer healthcare services; it is our fundamental policy to continuously improve by adhering to our corporate structure, which we created in light of our mission, vision, and guiding principles, as well as to work in compliance with the law.


Principles / Values

Not to compromise on moral principles in general or in medicine, and to measurably increase the level of patient care we offer by consistently attempting to comprehend their needs.


For Our Patients;

  • Treating our patients like our own family members,
  • To offer our patients secure medical care,
  • To treat people with the utmost respect and care while providing health services,
  • Not to discriminate against anyone due to their race, gender, language, or religion; to respect human life,
  • To accurately and completely inform patients and their loved ones,
  • To offer the patient opportunities for cutting-edge, current, and evidence-based diagnosis and treatment.


For Our Employees;

  • Acting with the knowledge that our people are our most important resource,
  • To safeguard our employees' health,
  • To foster a sense of unity and mutual respect among the team,
  • Putting the needs of the patient first while attending to the needs of each unit,
  • To establish conditions that will guarantee the participation of all our staff in studies of ongoing service improvement.


For The Society;

  • To ensure that modern practices are applied in our institutions while adhering to the logic of continuous improvement.


Behavioral Principles of Our Staff;

  • To place a high priority on patient satisfaction,
  • Working morally without compromising morality in general or in medicine,
  • Forming a favorable first impression,
  • Showing respect to everyone,
  • To inform and educate,
  • Apologizing when it's required,
  • Guarding the privacy of patients,

To assist our other coworkers.


Purpose and Goals

  • To increase employee commitment to the organization, mindful that they are its most vital resource for providing services,
  • Creating budget and making financial arrangements within the bounds of the law,
  • To expand the scope of our services,
  • To enhance our structural conditions within the bounds of the law,
  • To broaden the scope of our services by staying abreast of advancements in eye care,
  • By staying current with laws and other legislation, we can adapt legal procedures to our organization,
  • To maintain constant contact with the governmental institutions and groups we are a part of,
  • To educate the public about eye health in order to increase societal awareness,
  • To maintain effective and ongoing communication with our suppliers in order to "continuously deliver high-quality health care.",
  • To lead the way in our industry and continually improve our services by incorporating new technologies while upholding moral principles.
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